Setting Them Up for Success

Learning happens in unexpected ways sometimes. There are so many opportunities for children to learn and grow. Sometimes we hyper focus on learning in a specific manner or we’re so distracted that we forget the world around us is a classroom to a child.

One day recently, I was in the 3-year-old classroom waiting for breakfast to be served. It had rained every day that week, so the kids couldn’t go outside, and they were burning up with cabin fever. One day the room felt extra stuffy, so we put in a repair ticket. When the air conditioner repair servicemen came, the kids were super fascinated with the men in their bright orange shirts with lights strapped to their heads while standing on ladders and waving the strange thermometer-looking device under the air vent and lifting ceiling tiles.

What are We Moms and Dads Teaching?

As parents, our first and number one job to our children is to teach them and keep them safe. We delegate so much of that responsibility to the “teach” component – to the schools and to our children’s teachers.

As the owner of a childcare center, I see teachers and parents struggling. The truth of the matter is we’re all tired, frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed. Statements like “You should have” and “I don’t know why you did this or didn’t do that” sucks all the energy out of the room and leaves both parties frustrated.

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We’ve been in survival mode for so long. Our children were thrown out of their normal routines, and the babies born during the pandemic may have never truly established a regular routine.

Teaching our kids to become independent is one of the biggest lessons and blessings we can give to our children. Children are in training for life here. The teachers at school cannot do everything for 20 kids.

Learning to button their pants and put on their shoes is an important part of development and a great way to build self-esteem. Part of potty training means teaching your child to wipe themselves and knowing that accidents are part of the learning process.

We baby our kids because they are our babies, but we’re not doing them any favors. Life is not fair, it’s not easy, and it’s not all about one child. Don’t set them up for failure by teaching them it is and sending them out into this world. Let’s do our best to send them out with the skills they need to be successful and feel equipped and confident!

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Kishia Saffold
Author: Kishia Saffold

Kishia Saffold is the owner of Kiddie Care Learning Center in Dothan and Enterprise. She has a Masters of Business Administration from Troy University and a B.A. in Communication from Alabama State University. She is a wife to Jeffery and mother to daughter, Kiera.

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Setting Them Up for Success

by Kishia Saffold time to read: 3 min