We Congratulate Dr. Dianna Meade!

Lisenby Primary School


“Dr. Meade is a hidden jewel at Ozark City Schools.”


Ansley Godwin’s son, Wilson, is one of Dr. Dianna Meade’s inclusion preschool students at Lisenby Primary School. Godwin says Dr. Meade has worked diligently to improve Wilson’s speech.


“When Wilson started school he would not say anything but hi [or] bye. Now, a year and a half later, I’m able to communicate with my son.”


This is Dr. Meade’s fifth year with Ozark City Schools, but she has been teaching for more than 20 years.

“All throughout my educational career, I’ve had teachers/professors that have challenged me and fostered my love for learning. I wanted to give that back to the next generations and instill a love for learning in them.”

Dr. Meade says she listens and learns from her students to stay motivated. She says her students’ inquisitiveness keeps her on her toes.

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“Additionally, I try to keep negativity outside of the classroom,” Meade adds. “I have learned from experience, a negative person can bring the whole class to a screeching stop. So instead, I try to keep humor at the forefront. We do a lot of laughing in my classroom.”


Dr. Meade tries to keep her students motivated by making sure they know what they have to say is important and teaching them that no question is too big to ask.


“When we aren’t playing, we do a lot of “writing” in my room, where the students dictate their “stories”, and we transcribe what they say. This motivates them to think creatively, knowing that their “work” will be displayed for others to see and read. This also helps them become proud of their accomplishments and in turn motivates them to learn and share more.”


Dr. Meade says there are many rewarding things about her career, but if she had to pick just one, it would be when she hears from another teacher or parent that one of her students shared with someone else how something worked or why it worked or that they read a word or a sentence or shared why it’s important to be kind.

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“When my kiddos can teach others information they have learned while under my tutelage, it’s a good day,” she says. “Makes me smile.”


She hopes her students leave her with a love for learning, and with that, to never stop wanting to learn. “I want them to respect learning and to know they have the skills needed to search information out and if they ever get stumped, it’s okay to go ask someone.”

Dianna Meade received her BS in Deaf Education from the University of Montevallo, her Master of Ed in Special Education from Bethel University, and her Doctor of Education in Teacher Leadership from Walden University. She and her husband, Wayne, have three grown sons and two cats (Missy and Olivia).

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October Teacher of the Month: Dianna Meade

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