Jessica Bullock Scarratt

Dr. Jessica Bullock Scarratt is the owner of Family First Chiropractic in Dothan. She and her husband, Bryan, will celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary next month. They have two children, Brady (5) and Myla (2).

WP: School starts back this month, and while things are getting back to normal, we’re not out of the woods completely. Will your kids be back in the classroom or do you plan on doing distance learning, and why?


JS: Yes! Our kids will be back in the classroom at The Dothan Montessori School. At their ages, we feel that social interaction with other children in a hands-on environment is how they learn best and allows them to thrive.

WP: How is your family doing to prepare for this school year?


JS: We are eagerly getting ready for a more structured schedule. We start working on this a few weeks before school starts to ensure an easier transition for them. We are also cranking up their wellness regimens to prepare for school. Multivitamins, probiotics, elderberry syrup, vitamin C, and colloidal silver are our go-to supplements to keep them healthy in conjunction with their regular chiropractic adjustments.


WP: Speaking of school, with homework and extracurricular activities, life can get crazy. Do you have any time management and/or organizational hacks to help things run more smoothly?


JS: Meal planning is crucial with such busy schedules and me not getting done seeing patients until after 6. I also go ahead and let the kids pick out their clothes the night before so it’s easier to get them ready in the mornings!


WP: We had a lot more freedom this summer. Did your family get to spend time doing the things they missed out on last year?


JS: We did! Our family loves traveling and making memories together. We enjoyed a lot of time up at Lake Martin and had a few beach trips. We were also so excited that the kids were able to participate in a few camps this summer as well.


WP: Looking back over the last year, what would you say is the best thing to happen for your family despite the pandemic?


JS: Chiropractors were still considered essential employees throughout the pandemic, so I had to work through it all. However, early in the pandemic, I intentionally closed my office half a day each week to spend with my kids who were home full time. I also got to enjoy teaching them some and we were able to pack and move into our dream home.

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WP: With two kids, a husband, and your own business to run, being busy is just a part of life. How do you make sure you don’t burn out?

Life is definitely crazy, so having a good work/home life balance is key. Self care is also key!! My “me time” includes bi-weekly massages and getting my nails done. We can’t pour from an empty cup, so self care is so incredibly important to prevent feeling burned out.

WP: Speaking of preventing mom burn-out, if you could, what one chore would you forever outsource?


JS: Laundry!! How do tiny humans go through so many clothes in a week?!


WP: You’ve heard the saying, ‘it takes a village.’ Is there anyone who’s helped you through this parenting journey so far that you’d like to recognize?


JS: My sister-in-law, Kati, and I were pregnant at the same time and had our boys 15 days apart. It’s been an amazing journey sharing the stages of motherhood together every step of the way!


WP: How would you describe your parenting style?


JS: I would describe our parenting style as authoritative. We put a lot of effort into creating and maintaining positive relationships with our children. We instill respect, but also take our children’s thoughts and feelings into consideration. We want them to ALWAYS feel heard and know that their voice matters.


WP: What’s something your kids have taught you?


JS: Patience! Something I have always lacked. They have taught me that sometimes being still and listening is the best thing in many situations. 

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WP: If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?


JS: To show yourself grace. We are our own worst critic, but things don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. 


WP: What advice would you give new moms?


JS: Surround yourself with like-minded mamas who support you not only as a mother, but as a woman. A support system is CRUCIAL in this journey called motherhood. And always trust your mama gut!!

Ashton Wright
Author: Ashton Wright

Ashton is the publisher of Wiregrass Parents magazine. A lifelong resident of the Wiregrass, she grew up in Blakely, Ga. Her love of journalism began on her high school newspaper and continued at Troy University where she received her print journalism degree. After graduating, she worked with WTVY-TV for nearly a decade. She and her husband, Chris, have been married since 2012. They have one daughter, Alexis, as well as a dog, Jackson, and a cat, Cooper.

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Mom to Mom: Jessica Bullock Scarratt

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