We Congratulate Kirstan Davis!

Headland Middle School


A phenomenal teacher and excellent role model.


Kesha Thompson says not only does Kirstan Davis exemplify excellence in the classroom, but she’s also very active in the community and is the sponsor for Headland High School’s varsity and junior varsity cheer squads.

“Either being in the role of Ms. Davis in the classroom or Coach K on game day, there is no one more deserving!” Thompson says.


Kirstan Davis is the Reading Specialist at Headland Middle School. She says, “Waking up each day, with the appreciation and understanding that I am able to engage and innovate my kiddos through teaching, supporting, motivating, as well as learning from their talents gives me butterflies of what I am going to experience each day.”


Davis says that while her goal is for all of her students to be successful in each lesson, “the open, honest conversations, unique avenues to learning, the connections, collaboration, feedback from students, and the growth of the “whole child” socially, emotionally, academically, and mentally are rewards that fill me with joy.”

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Additionally, Davis says being able to build relationships with her students’ families, her work family, and the community keep her smiling.


She hopes that her students leave her knowing they “have the ability to make a difference … [and] that they can grow far above any circumstances.”


She says her students are a constant reminder of the importance of being flexible and realistic.

“There is no perfect method to teach a child.

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As a teacher, you have to individualize learning for the whole child beyond academics and understand their social, emotional, and mental abilities as well,” Davis says.


When asked if she has a favorite teaching moment, Davis says, “Each moment I am with my students is a moment within itself. I bask in the joy of watching them grasp a concept, ask questions, connect with their own personal experiences or just the simple smile or head nod.”


After nine years in the classroom, Davis has a few words of wisdom to pass along to the next generation of teachers: “Make each day a lesson. Reflect on your purpose. Never lose sight or give up on yourself or your goals for your students. Create and maintain positive relationships. Observe and adopt every style of learning to meet the needs of your kids.  With the ever-changing [nature] of society, commit to being diverse and a lifelong learner. Remember, every day will not flow, the perfect lesson will not go as planned, and every concept will not be discovered. Take a breath and allow the kiddos to lead and their “little Einstein” will peek through when you least expect it. Just LIVE, LOVE, and Learn!!  OOOOH and never forget to pack your snacks!!”

Kirstan Davis earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Troy University. She is certified in Elementary Education, Gifted Education, and Collaborative Education, and is currently pursuing a degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Alabama. She has four children: Deondre (25), Alexis (22), Tori (16), and Kenady (12).

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January Teacher of the Month: Kirstan Davis

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