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When I graduated high school, I was the salutatorian. A ranking my parents and I were assured wouldn’t be mine because I refused to take Calculus and Chemistry my senior year, unlike all of my honors/gifted classmates. In fact, the school was so concerned with how not taking these two classes would affect my GPA, my parents had to sign a waiver. Forget the fact that I already had enough math and science credits to graduate and my GPA was over a 4.0, not to mention that I had decided years earlier the path I wanted to take, and it did not include those advanced classes. In the end, the only thing separating me from our Valedictorian was my final grade in 10th grade biology. It was the only class I got a B in, and I was dang proud of that B.

Back then, a lot of people questioned the choices I made. Are you sure you really want to study journalism? Why aren’t you applying to Valdosta or UGA? And my favorite, I can’t believe your parents are letting you do this. As if my parents letting me chase my dream was somehow life ruining. As if going to a school where I only knew a handful of people would hold me back in some way. As if creating a career based on helping people through stories was a terrible idea.

Though I didn’t know it at the time, that situation set the stage for my future, and if I could go back and tell my 18-year-old self one thing it would be this: You are on the right path for you, one that will lead you to your people and your purpose. Your journey won’t look like everyone else’s, but all the detours you make along the way will be worth it when that dream you’ve always had is finally realized.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this magazine is the realization of my childhood dream. Sure, it’s not 100 percent what I thought it would like, and the path to get to this point was not what I anticipated at all, but the goal has always been to provide a resource for my community through positive journalism.

This month, we are welcoming new families to the Wiregrass with our Newcomers Guide and feature article, Making the Move. You’ll find all the best places to eat, play, learn and grow, as well as tips on how to make the transition to a new home easier for everyone in the family.

Our other feature article, When Your Best Doesn’t Feel Like Enough, really speaks to me this month. The past couple of months have been difficult, and I needed the reminder to count my blessings. Because even though it’s been a lot harder to find the good lately, it’s still there.

After a year of living in a pandemic, summer is finally here. Whether you’ve got little ones to keep entertained for a few months or graduates trying to make the most of their last summer before college, I encourage you to look for the good in every day. Even when you’re tired and your kids aren’t listening. Even when you feel like you’ve given your all and it’s still not enough. There is always something good. You just have to find it.

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Ashton Wright
Author: Ashton Wright

Ashton is the publisher of Wiregrass Parents magazine. She grew up in Blakely, GA. She graduated from Early County High School in 2005 and went on to graduate from Troy University in 2009. Ashton has been interested in journalism since high school where she was on the newspaper staff for three years. In college she worked with the yearbook and the Advertising & Public Relations Society. She interned with Dothan Magazine in the summer of 2008 and worked as a producer and Executive Producer for WTVY-TV for nine years. Ashton married her husband, Chris, in 2012. They welcomed their daughter, Alexis, in 2015. They also have a dog, Jackson, and cat, Cooper.

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From the Publisher

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