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I’ve had a lot of discussions recently about working motherhood and how difficult it can be to find some semblance of balance between having a career and being a mom.


Work-family balance played a big role in my decision to quit my job and start this magazine. Truthfully, there wasn’t a balance at all, and I felt like I was being forced to put my family on the back burner more often than not.


Look, I’m not saying I expected to be at every single thing my daughter had going on at the time, but I didn’t expect to miss every single thing either.


Throwing things even more out of balance was the fact that there just was no time left after we got off work and picked Alexis up from daycare. We were constantly rushing through our evening routine, ignoring household chores in favor of spending more time together, and just generally feeling like it was never enough.


That was the ultimate deciding factor for me. Something had to change, and luckily I found a way to continue serving this community using the skills I have while being able to be more present for my family.

One thing is certain, though. I would not have made it through the early years of working motherhood without our amazing daycare. Not only did I not have to worry about Alexis while I was at work, I knew she was developing important skills and would be prepared for school when the time came. Daycare is where she learned her ABCs and 123s, where she learned to write her name, and where she made her first friends. They were also instrumental in helping with potty training, which honestly is something that can’t be overstated.


Finding the right preschool/child care center can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. This month, we’re making things a little easier with our annual Child Care Guide, a directory of all the state-licensed centers in the Wiregrass area. You’ll also find tips to make the most of early education in this month’s Early Years and ways to Help Your Child Make the Most of Daycare or Preschool in our feature article.


Parenting is a tough gig, especially in this day and age. Moms, especially, are expected to do it all, all of the time, regardless of if they work or don’t, and all too often we find ourselves trying to pour from an empty cup.


Since starting this magazine, I’ve been able to shift my family-work balance into a more favorable split and focus on keeping my own cup full. Is that balance 50/50 all of the time? No, but it never tips so far in one direction that the other side suffers. And if everything starts to feel overwhelming, I’ve learned that it’s okay to rest.


As we welcome in Spring, and one of the busiest times in the Wiregrass, my wish for all you mamas (and dads, too!) is that you find a little balance. And if you feel like you’re about to fall off that beam, take a break. You deserve it!

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Ashton Wright
Author: Ashton Wright

Ashton is the publisher of Wiregrass Parents magazine. A lifelong resident of the Wiregrass, she grew up in Blakely, Ga. Her love of journalism began on her high school newspaper and continued at Troy University where she received her print journalism degree. After graduating, she worked with WTVY-TV for nearly a decade. She and her husband, Chris, have been married since 2012. They have one daughter, Alexis, as well as a dog, Jackson, and a cat, Cooper.

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From the Publisher

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