We Congratulate Mary Anne Beasock!

New Brockton Elementary School


Reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. Mary Anne Beasock teaches it all at New Brockton Elementary School.

Jessica Morris’s daughter is in Beasock’s class.


“I’m really glad to have an encouraging and exciting teacher for my daughter.”


Beasock is the Wiregrass Parents Teacher of the Month for February. She says being nominated by one of her students’ parents is an honor. She’s grateful for her students and their parents, and says the relationships she’s built with them are the most rewarding thing about being a teacher.


Beasock loves working with children and has been doing so for nearly two decades. This is her sixth year teaching second grade. She has also worked as a teacher’s aide, substitute teacher, homebound teacher, and preschool teacher.

“Kids are always saying something funny and making me laugh, and the daily hugs they give keep me motivated.”

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In return, Beasock says she tries to make learning fun and praises the efforts of her students.


Morris says Beasock’s methods are working for her daughter.


“My daughter is so excited about reading because Mrs. Beasock provides fun ways to present topics. One of her favorite topics this school year has been learning about voting, Lady Liberty, and America.”


Beasock says her students have taught her patience.


As a second grade teacher, her lesson plans span all subjects: reading, writing, handwriting, language, math, science, and social studies. But like all teachers, she hopes her students leave her classroom having learned more than just academics.


“I pray they love and live in peace and are always positive.”

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Mary Ann Beasock received her bachelor’s in elementary education from Troy University. She and her husband, Tim, have three children: Clayton, Jacob, and Addie.

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Ashton Wright
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February Teacher of the Month: Mary Anne Beasock

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