We Congratulate Kasey Savage!

Headland Elementary School


Brittany McCree’s daughter has diagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and separation anxiety, so when she started kindergarten this year, they were understandably nervous, but McCree says her daughter’s teacher, Kasey Savage, has been an answer to their prayers.

“She expects her to do the things she is capable of and works with her in the areas she struggles in,” McCree says of Savage. “She has open communication with us constantly and has the kindest heart. My daughter loves her and loves going to school. She has grown so much and learned so much this year.”


Savage has been teaching at Headland Elementary School for four years. She says she knew from an early age that she wanted to be a teacher.


“My choice to be a teacher was heavily influenced by the amazing teachers that I had as a student. I have been blessed with countless teachers, from Kindergarten through college, that went so far beyond teaching a curriculum. These teachers were able to influence me by building a meaningful relationship with me as a person. I still to this day keep in contact with several of these teachers.”


Savage says teaching is a job that requires constant motivation. She says she’s not in this profession for fame, fortune, or glamor.

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“I might go home and question every decision I made, but it never fails that a parent texts me and says their child said they had the best day or sends me a video of their child showing me a new skill in action. My very favorite is when a parent sends me a video of their child over the weekend just to tell me they miss and love me! Teaching is not a job that takes much self motivation when your kids pour into you every day!”

In turn, she keeps her students motivated by making sure they feel safe and loved above everything else. She does this by making sure her students get a hug (or air hug) and a smile each morning and by rewarding positive behavior on a regular basis.


“My kids have taught me the true definition of a pure soul,” Savage says. “I am lucky to go to work every day to be surrounded by people that have a heart of true compassion, resilience, and understanding. They teach me a different way every year to be a better version of myself.”

Kasey Savage received her bachelor’s degree from Huntingdon College in both elementary education and collaborative special education. She received her Masters degree in elementary education from The University of West Alabama.

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Ashton Wright
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February Teacher of the Month: Kasey Savage

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