5 Important Tips For Choosing The Best Eye Doctor

By Kelly Smith - Vision Center South

Since we rely on our eyes daily, choosing the right eye doctor is crucial.

It’s just as important as choosing the best general physician or selecting the right dentist, but if you’ve never given it a great deal of thought, how do you know what to look for?

Here are the top 5 things to look for when choosing a good eye doctor.

The Right Type Of Eye Doctor

Not all eye doctors offer the same services. For example, an optometrist can perform a general eye exam. However, if you have a specific eye disease then you may be best suited with an ophthalmologist for ongoing care. This is because ophthalmologists have specialist training that qualifies them regarding all diagnoses, management, and treatment of eye diseases.

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Their Credentials

Once you choose the right type of eye doctor for your needs, it’s important to research their credentials. Make sure the eye doctor you choose has achieved board certification and has a license to practice in your state. Both the certificate and license should be displayed somewhere prominent and easily visible to patients.

Their Reviews

What is the reputation of your eye doctor? Reviews and testimonials can help answer that. You may find reviews on their website, but consider the practice will only share positive reviews. You should also look at general online reviews, such as Google and other search engines. This will give you a good idea of the quality of service and care you can expect to receive.

The Services Offered

It’s often a good idea to choose an eye doctor that offers a wide range of services. This ensures all your care and treatment can be performed in one location. It’s also worth finding out the office hours to make sure that they fit around your usual schedule.

Transparency in their Billing

Regardless of how you pay, you want to choose an eye doctor who is transparent about the billing process. Any good practice will have set rates for each procedure and be able to answer any questions that you have about things like billing, payment plans, and insurance coverage.

For more tips on what to look for when choosing a good eye doctor, or to schedule an appointment at our practice, please call our dedicated eyecare team today. We have multiple locations and are a full-service eye and vision center serving the Tri-State area. Call Vision Center South in Alabama today at (888) 660-2738.

Kelly Smith
Author: Kelly Smith

A native of Graceville, Florida, Dr. Smith earned her Bachelor of Science from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama in Biology with minors in Chemistry and History. She graduated from the UAB School of Optometry in 2005, having completed rotations in the UAB Eye Clinic as well as experience as a field optometrist at the Eglin Air Force Base in Okaloosa County, Florida.

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Choosing the Best Eye Doctor

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