We Congratulate Pamela Bishop!

Rehobeth Elementary School


Kacey Williams’s daughter is in Pamela Bishop’s third grade class at Rehobeth Elementary School.


“My daughter’s teacher is amazing! She loves all of her students like her own, goes above and beyond to help them succeed, and helps them to love school! My daughter can’t wait to go to school every day.”


Pamela Bishop has been a teacher for seven years, but the classroom wasn’t her original intended career destination.


“While completing my undergraduate degree in psychology, I began substitute teaching to supplement my income. As a sub, I really enjoyed the time in the classroom, teaching, and interacting with the students. It was then,” she says, “I knew teaching was for me. I did complete my B.S. in psychology, but rather than continuing in the master’s program in psychology as I had originally planned, I changed the path to education.”


It’s a decision Bishop says she’s never regretted.


“When I look around the classroom, I see students who will one day become tomorrow’s leaders,” she says.

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“As a teacher, and agent of change, I have an opportunity each day to teach, inspire, influence, and make a positive impact in students’ lives. The ability to truly make a difference in our world, through one student at a time, is very highly motivating.”

Those students, Bishop says, are the most rewarding part of teaching.


“Each day is an opportunity to work with young minds. No two days are ever alike! I have found that most children are unjaded, full of hope and wonder! Everything is still possible in their minds. Children are naturally optimistic. They usually have the best knock-knock jokes. My students always keep me smiling and entertained.”

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And they also impart lessons. This school year, Bishop says her students have taught her how to be brave, strong and resilient. She says so much has been asked of our children this year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but that she couldn’t be prouder of her students.


“They have accepted each restriction and challenge without complaint,” she says. “Through it all, my students have taught me that learning goes on, and life is beautiful, even during a pandemic!”

Pamela Bishop received her Masters in Elementary Education and B.S. in Psychology from Troy University. She and her husband, Darrell, have two daughters, Gabrielle Bishop Irwin and Hannah Bishop Loftin, two sons-in-law, Cody Irwin and Sam Loftin, and two granddaughters, Audrey Beatrix and Ophelia Joan. They also have a French bulldog, Lily Bleu.

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Ashton Wright
Author: Ashton Wright

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April Teacher of the Month: Pamela Bishop

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